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NEWLIFE Magazine - Nov/Dec-2014

- Ascension What's Love Got to Do With It?
- Is Metal In Your Mouth Dangerous to Your Health?
- Breast Cancer Awareness Or Is It Fear Mongering!
- Book Reviews

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This months magazine in word format

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  Happy Holydays NEWLIFERS,


This is my favorite time of the year. It is the season where everyone’s heart seems

to open. We realize that we are very lucky and blessed to be on this planet at this

very moment in time. This is the season of LOVE. The season begins with God’s

trees and leaves decorating us with a palate of colors that every artist has tried to

emulate and we start to remember how beautiful our planet and life is. The season

then brings us into Thanksgiving where we melt into each other as friends and

families unite to celebrate the gift of life that surrounds us as our mind and body

begins to merge letting our spirit shine through; And before you know it comes

Christmas and Chanukah, the holidays of enlightenment preparing us for a new

year. So just take a deep breath and soak every vibration of this season in.


It is apropos that we chose this season for two of our feature articles, Lewis

Harrison’s article on “Enlightenment” and Jodi Serota’s article on “Ascension”. You

might want to read these articles out loud at one of your holy dinners.


I hope you enjoy Lissa’s delicious holiday recipes and Dr. Sorge’s controversial

article on Breast Cancer. Dr. Shvartsman tells us that not only are metal fillings toxic

for us but also the metal posts, braces and titanium bridges as well. His article is a

must read. Speaking about reading I am sure that you will enjoy this issue’s four

book reviews.


Thank you for making October’s NEWLIFE EXPO in NYC an epic one and I hope

you join us again at the expo on March 20-22 in New York City and March 14-15 in

Fort Lauderdale.


You do know that our thoughts and actions at the end of the year is the

foundation for our success and happiness for the New Year. So let them ascend to

the highest frequency.

And Remember.....

It’s a NEWLIFE!!!

Om Sholom,
Mark Becker

           Mark Becker