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NEWLIFE Magazine - Jul/Aug-2015

- Summer Hydration Tips
- Why You Shouldn't Still Use Microwaves
- Biological Root Canal Re-Invinted
- Can You Over Alkalize?

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After a long cold winter, I am wishing you the best summer ever-you all deserve it.
And what better way to start it off with than our summer issue of NEWLIFE? In fact our cover story on “Summer Hydration Tips” will show you how to quench your thirst this summer, the healthy way. If you don’t understand why water and foods that you put in your body should be alkaline, Dr. Robert Young’s article is a must read for you. It might even save your life. It blows my mind that in 2015 people still have microwave ovens in their home. If you have a friend that does, show them our article on why they shouldn’t use microwaves-hopefully a light bulb goes on in their head.
If you want to learn how to take care of your teeth the futuristic way, Dr. Schvartsman’s article on “Biologic Root Canal is a must for you. Do you know what Pregnenolone is? If not, turn the pages to Dr. Robert Sorge’s article on this “feel-good hormone.”
Learn more about our next NEWLIFE EXPO in NYC on October 16-18 at and our next NEWLIFE Cruise on Oct 25-Nov 5 at If you have never been on our cruise you are missing the adventure of your life. Join myself and Sean Morton, Dr. Robert Young, Kat James and Judy Satori on both of these enlightening events.
And remember…. It’s a NEWLIFE!!!

Om Sholom
Mark Becker





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