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NEWLIFE Magazine - Mar/Apr-2014

- Why Blood Pressure Drugs Don't Work
- Cutting Negative Psychic Cords
- Heartgasm: Increasing Intimacy and Ecstasy
- The Crucifixion of America

Part 1


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It was a long cold winter and we plan to warm you up with inspiration, education and new ideas. Life is full of change and we hope you join us as we take you through a journey for an exquisite adventure. The first journey is through the pages on this magazine. Two of our biggest speakers at the NEWLIFE EXPO are Gail Thackray and Sean Morton who both blessed this issue with two amazing cover stories. Gail explains how to get rid of our psychic cords, which keep the same negative patterns occurring in our life over and over again. Sean’s article explaining why America is going through an upheavel is an exciting read. And Dr. Sorge’s article on why most drug medicines we take don’t really work will blow your mind.
The second journey is through the NEWLIFE EXPO happening on March 21-23 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Our 150 exhibitors and speakers will educate and inspire you to the point where you will never see life the same again. Our final journey happens on April 7-12, where we take you to Labadee Island off of Haiti and to Jamaica, on the NEWLIFE CRUISE TO ENLIGHTENMENT. Gail, Sean, Judy Satori, Kerry Cassidy, Susan Shumsky, myself, and other  speakers will take you on a trip that you will never forget.
Hopefully, you will join us on one or all of these adventures. All I can guarantee is
that ….. It’s a NEWLIFE!!!!!
It’s a NEWLIFE !!!!


 Om Sholom

Mark Becker

Mark Becker