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NEWLIFE Magazine - Sep/Oct-2015

- Get Back To Being You, with Prolo
- The Bounty Of The Summer Harvest
- Living In The Breezeway
- 21st Century Dental Technique

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What an incredible summer. We were blessed to have such beautiful weather.

I love the idea of combining NEWLIFE magazine with the NEWLIFE EXPO magazine.

Now you the readers can read articles written by some NEWLIFE EXPO’s incredible speakers. Chef Debra Secunda in her article “The Bounty of Summer Harvest.” has given us some exquisite recipes to enter our palate this autumn. Join Debra at the NEWLIFEEXPO on Sunday, October 18 where she will prepare and have you taste her delicious healthy recipes. Her demo is a must see.

Dr. Robert Sorge explains why medical doctors should not be permitted to

give you nutritional, holistic or lifestyle advice. Dr. Robert H. Sorge will be

lecturing at the NEWLIFEEXPO on this topic on Saturday, October 17 and

then on Sunday, October 18 his topic is ‘The Final Answer to Cancer.” He

will also be on the very informative Nutrition Panel on Saturday, October

17 at 5pm.

Stacie Breeze, psychic extraordinaire and our beautiful cover girl this

issue, explains how to Live in the Breezeway. Come listen to her as she will be lecturing all weekend and you can meet her in person at her booth, which is booth 147.

Wait till you read about the Prolo technique by Dr. Larisa N. Likver. You will never have pain again. She will be lecturing at the expo on Saturday and Sunday. And as usual Dr. Alex Shvartsman, the 21st century dentist, will explain another new innovative dental technique. You will be able to show Alex your teeth at his booth 176 or come to his lecture on Sunday, October 18.

I hope you enjoy this month’s issue and come visit us at our new location

on the first two floors of the Penn Plaza Pavilion, next door to the Hotel Pennsylvania on 7th Ave between West 32nd Street & West 33rd Street in

the big apple.

And remember,,,,,

It’s a NEWLIFE !!!!!!!


Om Sholom
Mark Becker





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