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NEWLIFE Magazine - Jul/Aug-2014

- Conscious Sexuality and Relationships
- Let's Start Preventing Disease
- Yogiraj SatGuruneth Siddhanath

Part 1


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Happy Summer NEWLIFERS,

I hope life is treating you all well. As for me, the beach is great and the water is getting warmer.

With the world in turmoil, we are definitely fortunate to live in America. Hopefully our economy, our water and our air all will improve soon. If we start innovating and producing new products to help purify our environment, America would be healthier and more prosperous.

Dr. Sorge and Richard Diaz in their feature articles both demonstrate that we have to purify and raise the vibration of our own body first. Only then can the world evolve into a more conscious space. When you delve through their articles you will end up with a glowing smile.

We are planning our next NEWLIFE Cruise and please join us on an adventure you will remember always. The speakers, exhibitors and passengers all had an exquisite journey.

Our cover this issue is of Himalayan yogi Yogiraj SatGuruneth Siddhanath. Most of the true Masters have passed on. You should check him out and bathe in the vibration. My time with Swami Satchidananda, Swami Vishnudevananda and Swami Bua definitely had an enlightening impact on my life. I am sad to say that another one of my teachers and a favorite at the expo, Master Sunyata, has also passed. We have so many special angels watching over us.

And our next NEWLIFE EXPO in NYC which will be better than ever, is on October 17-19. If u have never been to an expo, please join us. I guarantee that your life will never be the same.

 And Remember.....It's a NEWLIFE!


 Om Sholom

Mark Becker

Mark Becker